Multimedia Design

Due to the presence and availability of the variety of products in the world market, businessmen of this age have to be cautious about the business decisions they make. The most crucial of all the decisions is the presentation of what you are dealing with. In this world where a book is mostly judged by its cover, your website needs to be innovative and intelligently designed for the sake of conversions. BITS’s multimedia designers are capable of translating your dreams into images, videos, animations and 2D/3D motion graphics for conveying your message to customers with an impact.

Our designers can design and redesign your website in a customized manner. Our services are for hard drive/DVD/CD or print. With our interactive multimedia applications, video, web design, animations, presentation, 3D visualization and graphic we create a perfect identity for your product. We combine imaginative and creative ideas with an intention to communicate your business ideology. We take these measures to ensure that your project is accomplished in a way which satisfies and compliments your business needs and wants.

We know how to design a website with an attractive outlook and intelligent material. The logos, images and videos we design are eye- catching and bewitching. They are not only used for educational purposes (for informing visitors about your product) but also show how much faith you have in your product. For aesthetics, we use all the credible tools present in the digital world today. BITS’ team has a clear idea of what should be used and how it should be used. This is the balance that you see in the websites we design. You can see this balance of intelligence and aesthetics in your first glance at the websites we have designed. For instance, for a detailed presentation, we know we have to go for Macromedia while for a simple presentation we stick with PowerPoint. So, simplicity, innovation and clarity are our ingredients to come up with desired bewitching outlook of your website.

BITS’ designers excel at providing digital design and multimedia services. These services include authoring of DVD/CD, web designing, Kiosk development, animations and graphics in 2D/3D, and for print, we offer graphical designing services. Following are the main aspects we cater while designing your multimedia products:

  • Architectural/3D Visualization
  • Conferences/Seminars
  • Marketing & Competition Proposals
  • Tradeshows
  • Promotional CDs
  • Research Communication
  • Exhibition Installations
  • Training Applications
  • Business Presentations for Business Meetings
  • Web Communication
  • Memorabilia CDs

Following are the services that we provide in this domain of multimedia designing:


BITS has trained and experienced team for this endeavor. Our professional creative such mind blowing and bewitching animations for delivering your message in the most coherent manner. Our work is always a mixture of simplicity and innovations because we acknowledge the fact that people will not make a purchase unless their mind is convinced and heart is tempted.

2D/3D Motion Graphics

BITS has such extraordinary creative minds that use this latest technology in the most rewarding manner. By using 2D/3D motion graphics they embellish your business image with comprehensive and irresistible demonstrations of the message you want to convey to your visitors.


Meaningful and right use of images and content are essential for any website to hold a visitor on it. As time has passed and inventions have revolutionized the world, now videos are also becoming an essential part for conveying your product details to the customers. We are known in the market for making videos that are communicating and comprehensive. BITS has graphic designers who have brilliant aesthetic sense. They know what combination and amalgamation of images can leave the most lasting and convincing effect on the visitor. You can trust us for conveying to the visitor your message in the most resounding manner for the sake of conversions.


It is scientifically and historically proven that human mind is more focused when the information it receives is in the form of a picture. We know and appreciate this information and utilize it for making your business website more profitable. We know which angle of a scenario can earn you the perfect image any for the situation. Images and videos we use do not distract the customers from the content which is the soul of a website rather it complements the content. Our multimedia designers keep the harmony of the thought by using the color scheme of images that complements the theme which content tells about. You will find the depiction to be a very intelligent piece of art.

BITS’ designers keep their pace alongside the world digital market. As broadband is now not an exception anymore rather it has become a norm. This is why we have the clear understanding that it is now the age of interactive multimedia designs. Following is the list of interactive multimedia services that BITS offers:

  • Online User Interactions such as forums
  • All the Sound Effects such as Music, Audio and Video
  • Interactive Google Maps & Flash Animations
  • Interactive Flash Animations

We are the craftsmen who know how to catch the attention of visitors and keep them on the website long enough to convert them into customers. The interesting and creative mode we use to engage the mind and heart of the visitor is simple and sophisticated. We keep things simple so that the idea is comprehended by the visitor. It helps the visitor to have clarity before making the purchase.

At BITS we keep the things simple yet interesting. Your website will be giving out a natural feel and originality that is very important to today’s visitor who is desperate for such stuff. We know what is market material and our works are an embodiment of it. Consistency along with cost effectiveness and efficiency are our qualities. You can contact us not only for website’s multimedia designing but also for the presentation of any kind or of marketing or television campaign. Call us and get rid of all your worries regarding the designing and redesigning of your website for more conversions and revenues. We are here to pave a way to which more and more customers will be reaching at your website.