Front End Development

Content Management System

We are living in an ever-evolving world. For businessmen, it has become very crucial to opt for new methodologies for surviving in the digital world market. In this scenario most difficult of all the tasks is to come up with an eye-catching website and maintaining traffic on it. The solution is meaningful and informed decisions when it comes to what you want to put on your website. Yes, we are talking about the content of your website. BITS has experts in the field of CMS. They work intelligently and vigilantly for helping you achieve your business goals.

We provide operative enterprise CMS solutions that provide increased flexibility and consistency, improved customer service, time and money savings.

BITS’s Content Management Methodologies:

BITS use latest and efficient CMS for problem-solving for search and content. For content search and management, our professionals fast-track a design of accomplishment by using prevailing resources for  realizing speedy triumphs, ROI, tangible results and meeting your goals.

Our experts are going to come up with such powerful content related to the processes and production that will boost productivity and reduce costs.  We do assimilation of the system for accomplishing the following:

  • New content
  • Smooth access to existing digital resources
  • Recovery of current digital resources from other enterprise tools such: document management software, legacy applications. ERP or CRM.

BITS also offers following services:

  • Make ECM strategy roadmaps
  • Provide education for your team
  • Value assessments
  • Mentoring for your team
  • Jumpstarts

Insight into the process of redesigning of a site and formation of a new CMS is achieved by us:

We begin by accumulating information from external parties and different business groups. This accumulated data highlights the requirements that are needed to be fulfilled for dealing with the changing circumstances and criterion of the world market.

After gathering the aforementioned information, we make a plan for relocating the current content to newly formulated CMS. In this way, we accommodate the related change management and the development of governance strategies. We will make sure the acquiescence to design and prevailing ethics.  BITS’s CMS experts empower the non-technical handlers so that they can publish and manage content without the guidance and consent of our IT support team.

We aim at providing you the experience which allows you to manage your content from creation to completion. The services we provide are so up to the mark that you will be satisfied for sure. We have cut-rate charges and have a reputation in the market for delivering projects in time. So, give us a call and let us show you our expertise and professionalism.

Static Websites

BITS has a remarkable reputation in designing Static websites. These kinds of websites are most suitable for ensuring conversions and revenue generations as this website are delivered to the user exactly the way it is stored by our team, unlike the ones that are generated by apps. It does not mean that your website will lag behind rather our support team update it time to time according to the changes in the Google Algorithm. It is a perfect way of reaching out to new visitors with confidence and security. We provide vigilant and dedicated support for making your static website a success. So, contact us for best and consistent results.