Digital Marketing

E-commerce and digital marketing go hand in hand. Digital marketing is the hassle free, effective and most efficient mode of directing the traffic to your website and helping your business to grow enormously. BITS’ online marketing team promotes your website on Facebook and twitter and many other sites in a plausible manner and makes it grow by leaps and bound. Your advertisement is designed and used in a way that appeals to the minds and hearts of potential clients out there. Following are the methodologies and approaches that we exploit for achieving the aforementioned goals:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the promising and vital mode for you for reaching your potential clientele. This approach enables you to make your active presence on social media. BITS’ professionals are experienced and talented personals who make sure that by exploiting SMM you can earn faith and trust on the web and escalate your reach on the web. By making your presence on Google+, Twitter and Facebook we enable you to get connected with the potential customers and invite them to your website in an irresistible manner. This mode of promoting your business is indispensable for your business in today’s digital world. BITS will most efficiently and cost effectively earns you results which you are desirous of.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is fundamentally done through paid listing. BITS’ professionals are well versed in this mode of marketing. Targeted advertisements are designed and developed by our experts and are placed in the search engine results of a user. These are not going to be visible to everyone but the ones who meet certain criteria. For instance, your location and demographic situation are going to make you eligible for attaining the visibility of the advertisements. As it is a pay per click system and you only have to pay when any visitor clicks on your ad so search engine marketing serves as the most cost effective and efficient mode of marketing.

We make the best use the following methodologies for diverting more and more traffic to your website and helping you get your website ranked high on search engines:

  • Pay per click
  • Cost per impression
  • Search analytics
  • Web analytics

BITS provide this service at cheap rates and deliver the project in time. So, we are the team that can bring you both reputation and revenue.

Search Engine Optimization

For conveying the ideology behind your business we have a team of brainy and hardworking writers. They are the most creative and innovative beings in this business. They take care of on-page and off page content as content is the most crucial factor when it comes to the ranking of a website.

Google has managed to maintain its image as the most acknowledged search engine. In order to secure and sustain more traffic on your website, you need to fetch it the highest place on Google. For this purpose, your website must comply with the ever-evolving Google algorithm. We stay up to date about the changes that are made in it. Our experts work on the following to establish and accelerate a high pace of your website rating:

  • Content
  • Keyword
  • Meta tags
  • Links building
  • Use of URLs

Mobile App Marketing

In order to reach clients globally, we are going to facilitate your business with mobile app marketing. With the use of Android, iOS and windows technologies we accomplish native, interstitial, 360, video and wall apps. Through aforementioned apps, your business will be accessible to all the customers around the globe. Following are the measures we take for the realization of your business dreams:

  1. We decide on the most potent and unique keywords for good keywords can make a big difference to your mobile app marketing.
  2. An attractive name that is appropriate and ample for defining your mobile app is worthwhile in fetching visitors. Our content writers are skillful in providing you with the one that is best for your business’s reputation.
  3. The third most important step is to choose your competitors and outline your strategy accordingly. We guide you in this regard and help you beat them good.
  4. Choosing the category for your app is an art. This is a million dollar question indeed. Our professional team does this job for you and makes your business thrive day in and day out.
  5. A good icon means a good first impression. We know how to get you a perfect first impression. So, let us venture together.

BITS is the economic decision that you should make for your business. You will earn more business and a better reputation by joining hands with us. So, let us get started today.

Display Advertising

The kind of advertisement that encompasses the variety of formats and comprises of audio, videos, images, texts and flash is known as display advertising. It is done on websites. It carries and conveys brand messages and general advertisement to the visitors. The marketing team of BITS has vigilant and creative manpower that takes up this critical job and accomplishes it in the most rewarding manner. Following are the strategies and solutions that the team of BITS deploys for winning extraordinary results for your business:

  • Ad blocking
  • Contextual advertising
  • Behavioral targeting

Firstly, our accountants outline our campaigns goals to you in a brief and inculcate your suggestions in our plan. This brief is then conveyed to our creative department where it is made into an ad. At the creative and innovative hands of our creative department, your ad is designed in a way that it could complement the idea of your business that you want to propagate and cash. Finally, this venture is tested through the study of users’ retort to the motion, images and sounds. For this purpose the well-equipped and endeavoring team of BITS uses following cutting-edge tools and technologies:

  • Adwards
  • ComScore
  • Quantcast
  • SimilarWeb
  • Display Planner
  • MOAT
  • Competitive Intelligence Tools: WhatRunsWhere & Adbeat
  • Thalamus
  • Compete

BITS is the optimal for the services of display advertisement. You will never regret your decision of joining hands with us as our team respects trust and knows how to convert it into loyalty by acknowledging it. Let us get you success at the most cost effective rates.

Content Marketing

Words are tools through which human beings interact and communicate among themselves. In the digital world, content is the source and medium of communication between an organization and clients. Thus content marketing that is indispensable in the construction and dissemination of content in drawing and winning clients online. BITS use content marketing strategies for following purposes:

  • Consumer procurement
  • Profounder rendezvous with existing clienteles
  • Awareness of your brand

In the past two decades, audiences have grown practical and are consuming media in new manners. BITS’ content marketing team has this realization so they come up with small and big various effective and effective strategies with a marketing budget that you assign according to your convenience.
Without a sales pitch, our content can add value to your communication with the consumer. BITS is the team that can help you grow in a fast and unswerving manners without having to spend endlessly on marketing and getting no positive outcome. Our services are cut-rate and time saving, come with us on the journey to success.