Back End Development

mCommerce Solutions

BITS manages to make you pace alongside the rapidly growing digital world. Now people do not like to go into a specific situation for reaching you and connecting with you. Keeping in mind this demand of today’s customer we exploit mCommerce for instant linking between you and your customer. Mobile commerce permits you to buy and sell services and products through the use of cellular phones and personal digital aides. With the facility of this solution, we empower your customer to reach you and connect with you even when there are no plug-ins. Therefore, we are the best team to approach if you want to provide your customer with ease and satisfaction and earn their loyalty. Let us provide you our cost effective and efficient services by just making a call. So, dial now!

eCommerce Solutions

Every business has its specifics, which we need to pay heed to for success in it. BITS’ team believes that for eCommerce one should keep in mind the importance of the first impression made through interaction with the client. The well-known proverb “first impression is the last impression” pleads our case here. In order to help you enrich your business and add names to your client list with our e-commerce solutions, like captivating designs and influential features, we have stepped into this competitive and demanding field.

BITS’ experts can not only design your website from scratch but revamp it in the best possible manner. The designing, as well as revamping and optimization of your website, are done in a manner that will add to the effect of image and offers of your website. For increasing your sales and earning potent loyal clientele you can trust our expertise.

Web Portals

Web portals are the need of the hour in this age where life has become so busy and everyone is looking for ways to save some time. On these portals, you can find accumulations of information from many sources. BITS’ team makes sure that such web portal designed by them brings more customer and business to you by attracting potential loyal customer through using usable data. We provide such a portal for your business and link it with the rest at a cost that will astonish you and with timekeeping that will make you contented.

Social Networking Websites

Social Media Marketing is the promising and vital mode for you for reaching your potential clientele. This approach enables you to make your active presence on social media. BITS’ professionals are experienced and talented personals who make sure that by exploiting SMM you can earn faith and trust on the web and escalate your reach on the web. By making your presence on Google+, Twitter and Facebook we enable you to get connected with the potential customers and invite them to your website in a tempting and enticing manner. This manner of promoting your business is indispensable for your business in today’s digital world. BITS will most proficiently and cost effectively earns you results which you are desirous of.

Database Design & Development

BITS’ database administrators are highly qualified in building and maintaining a rich database environment. They know their way with performing and directing activities related to this domain of internet technology. Following are the primary responsibilities of our database administrators:

  • Designing a database system
  • Implementing a database system
  • Maintaining a database system
  • Forming policies related to management
  • Establishing procedures related to management
  • Maintenance of security system
  • Usage of database management system
  • Training employees for usage of database management system

Our dedicated database administrators keep themselves conversant and well equipped with latest technologies and design methodologies. For instance, a good command on SQL Server, My SQL enables them to run database projects fruitfully.

When it comes to documenting and testing the database system we stay very considerate. We make use of ready-made codes libraries and scripts. These enable us in shortening the time span of project’s success and elevating quality.

Our team has professionals who are knowledgeable and seek to change methodologies and grow with changing trends and demand of the clients. For beneficial outcomes for our clients, our DBAs detect and optimize the blocks in the business process. Unlike traditional consultancies, we are ready to go extra miles for winning quality results for your clients and making them feel that they are in the right hands. We are trained to struggle for quality assurance. You can trust us.

We treat all our clients equally as for us no business is small or big. All our energies are spent in making the small ones big and in sustaining the stature of the big ones.

BITS’ team work day in and day out and invest all their time and energies for the realization of their client’s dreams. Our 24/7 support team is there for listening to your queries and guiding you. Contact us and we promise you fortune and triumph.

Desktop Application Development

BITS’ developing team has expertise in developing software that is easy to run and utilize. With the use of this customized software developed by us, you will be able to manage, regulate and mechanize your system and stored data in an efficient and easier manner. This software has easy to control features and easy to handle security system. These are developed for multiple platforms like Microsoft, Linux and Mac etc and have a user-friendly interface. Latest technologies and tools are used for development of best-customized software for your business. Desktop applications that BITS has to offer can escalate the productivity of your business. It is a one-time investment that will keep paying you back for a long period of time.